How You Can Help SWI

The SWI Development Fund
SWI field projects in Mexico, Bolivia and Malawi have yielded ideas for better and cheaper ways to provide safe drinking water for the poor villages of the world. SWI’s Development Team has worked for two years to create low-cost alternatives for household water filters, rainwater storage, well pumps, and UV water disinfection. Prototypes of several of these devices have been manufactured. The SWI Development Fund must now expand to produce sufficient volumes of these devices for testing in Mexico, India and Africa.

Target: $25,000 USD

Shallow Wells in Malawi
Malawi and many other poor countries have underground water supplies that are easy to access. This water is often contaminated because of infiltration of human, animal and agricultural wastes. SWI is creating low-cost strategies to drill, pump, and filter this water. Demonstration projects are planned for Malawi, India, and Mexico.

Targets: $350 USD per well, pump and filter
$10,000 USD for a country demonstration project

Global Inventors Challenge
SWI is convinced that low-cost solutions to safe drinking water are present around the world in the innovations and inspirations of individuals who need solutions or want to find solutions. A Global Inventors Challenge has been created to bring these ideas to light. All intellectual property rights and profits derived from prize winning inventions remain with the inventor. Funds are sought for competition prizes and for initial development and prototype production of winning solutions.

Target: $50,000